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Company History

Biocom began in 1978, with offices in New York City. Kenneth Youngstein, the founder and CEO, had previously worked for the New York Blood Center, first establishing their virus research laboratory in West Africa and then as Director of Development for the New York- New Jersey Regional Transplant Program, one of the world’s first organ banks. There, he began developing educational programs for professionals and patients, as well as strategic work in medical ethics and legal policy.

Biocom is a specialist medical communications and education agency working with healthcare companies and non-profit and government agencies throughout the world. In the early 1980's Biocom had offices within the Ministry of Health of the Peoples Republic of China – the first Western medical communications agency in that country. In 1990, Biocom established the organ transplant system for the government of Kuwait.

As most projects were on an international basis, in 1992, Biocom moved its offices to Zurich, Switzerland and became a Swiss corporation in 1999.

Today, Biocom is a leading innovator in the use of cutting edge technologies and behavioral medicine to further the communication between the healthcare industry and healthcare providers; between healthcare providers and their patients.