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Working Principles

You can’t be all things to all people

Biocom specializes in medical communications and education.

Think global, act local

After 25 years of international operations, Biocom understands that few human activities are as local as healthcare. Medical practice is an outcome of local religion, economics, sociology, politics, environment, philosophy and culture. Biocom specializes in the development of country-specific programs and international programs that can be easily adapted and successfully utilized in highly diverse markets.

Form follows function

For each project, we analyze how, where and when the target audience will use our products. We look at physical, emotional and educational aspects as well. Then, we ensure that form follows function to optimize the outcome.

Size matters

Yes, size matters, and very often the best size is small. Biocom is small and proud of it. We configure our small in-house core staff and network of independent experts to fit our clients’ needs – no more, no less than what is required to get the job done right.