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Sales and Professional Training

Training is an important aspect of the healthcare industry. Whether it’s your sales force or clinical investigators, there is a wide range of knowledge and skills that must be acquired and practiced.

All too often, training is seen as an event, something you do when a new product is being launched or at the beginning of a clinical trial.

Biocom believes that training should be a process, one that provides training when it is needed, in forms that are appropriate to the needs of each user.

Biocom is pleased to announce the launch of ACTS – the Active Communication Training Simulator.

ACTS can be used for the development and assessment of communication skills for:

ACTS is a unique computer-based system that allows users to engage in simulated interactions with customers, colleagues, the media, or patients to develop the full range of communication skills:

User View


Playback View


ACTS vs. Live Role Play


Live Role Play

  • Done in private
  • No partner required
  • Actors create realistic simulations
  • Available any time and place
  • Endless opportunities for experimenting and learning – self paced
  • Done in public
  • Requires a partner
  • Dependent on acting ability of partner
  • Limited access and time available
  • Limited opportunities to experiment with new approaches and no self-learning

ACTS vs. Other so-called “Communication Training Software”



  • Students use the full range of verbal and non verbal communication behaviors
  • Develops the real behaviors
  • Multiple choice or text responses only. No use of verbal or non verbal behavior
  • No behavioral skill development


For more information on ACTS visit: www.actsimulator.com.